you are in simple words – called; ; a liar ; !!;


mr. majed sawi

if you are dreaming in a ; world free of evil ; , and at the same time you are doing what is not evil but more than that , you are in simple words called ; a liar .

its math my dear nothing more , so i advise you to go for the ; change ; , yes my fellow citizan , the change is the choice that is the right thing , and at that time you can look at your dream as its drawing it self and bing true fact , not a empty flowing idea !!

making your dreaming come true is not something that is hard to do , a first step is just the right thing , what is next it easey , which is keeping your foot on the dream path and move .

notnhing else is needed from you , just keep walking and your dreams will come true evry day more , then the evil will fanish evry time you take the next step , and this will be the life that you have choosen.

a last hint from me , is ; stay away from those that are walking in the evil path , at least they have thier own ; black dreams ; that they have complished , at least you did a right thing that you will never regret , and wish them a long sleep , and get out of the room , leave the whole house if nessary , your house must be totally free of them , and keep you door locked !!






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