mr. netenyahu , please – shut up – and run !!


mr. majed sawi

here we have a routine bombing from the state of isreal on the small – crowded – area of gaze strip.

which is something that send a clear signals to whole world that this evil state – state of isreal – is against the -famous – human life, while at the same time the head admisitration of it – the state of isreal – that is performing the killing here, they are talking – in every bradcasting station – about how its ugly to execute a criminal!!

we know that those – are killiing – are not against the execution of criminals becuase that they value the human life , no dear citizans , its n not that at all , they just want to continue thier crimes withiout any punshment , the execution verdict – which is thier fair end – is by that – load opening- is now not on the table.

so – after that – the crimes – of this evil state – are conducted freely and with cold bloded hands, at the final view.

what a way of life and what a green path, yes this is – dear tiny criminal – the perfect way of handling the most derty job on the planet!!






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