state of isreal and the gaza strip

here we see a massive attak from state of isreal on the small crouded gaza strip , cutting electricity and water supplies and food ; causing 200 000 palestinian citizins to flow out side of the gaza strip.

apperantly we can see how dangerous is the zionizm movement that lead to establish this evil state ” state of isreal” , the state if isreal here go for a refenge to soildrrs killed by hamas fighters , and what is the result , the result is distroying the gaza strip and killing more that 1700 cevilians palestinians .

the crimes if the state of isreal does not stop here , but goes further to cutting water , food , electricity from gaza strip , and leaving about 4 milion palesteanian citizins in the hunger and dark zone . which will lead to them to death as some up.

this is not the first war luanched by state of isreal on gaza strip , it perhaps the seventh in the last 20 years.

state of isreal luanches war attaks on gaza strip every view months . and beacoase state of isreal is not held responsiple for what it commits in gaza strip , it goas every time more violent and bombs gaza with cold bloded hands






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