The Wahhabi community messed with prophecy and companionship



Friday.. Rajab 1445 for Supervised Migration

Majid Saui



This topic may be too late to talk because it has been done and nothing can be fixed; Most of the provocation of prophecy and companionship in Mecca and Medina has been tampered with without the slightest knowledge, jurisprudence, pastoralism or any smear of strength.

Many prophetic scenes in the holy capitals of Makkah and Medina have been demolished and there is no room here to prepare them. Not least is the demolition of the domes that were on the graves of the people of the house, they must pray and peace and on the graves of the senior companions and followers.

The reason for this absurdity in the monuments of prophecy and companionship is due to the corrupt belief in the Messenger of Allah that He should pray and peace and in His companionship the Holy Rizwan Allah Almighty; Those who are human beings are ineffective, harmless, as long as they do not harm and do not benefit, there is no need to preserve their monuments - such as their domes, their homes, their roles, their palaces, their bars, their farms, their orchards and their belongings - and as long as nothing is required to keep them.

Because of the Wahhabi community's abundant money, because these monuments have no ownership, but they are historical monuments, they cannot be captured, demolished and built on top of them. - Building buildings, skyscrapers, hotels, establishments, etc. - in less than a blatant encroachment on the history of this category The Messenger of Allah Almighty Prayer and Peace and His Companion Rizwan Allah Almighty upon them - and corruption as well as something tyrannical .

This rogue community would be harmful if the domes of the people of the house and the company remained and were visited by the people and Madeer if the role of Bani Hashim remained in Medina and the visitors saw it and did not abide by the urbanization and housing plans; What corruption is in the survival and preservation of the companions' wells as a beautiful thing in their history shows the beauty of what they offered to Islam.

All nations respect the monuments of their great symbols and maximize the sights of the characters who made their history except the corrupt Wahhabi sect. They fight everything that has to do with the past - before 1258 for honorable prophetic migration - and care to counter this with the proliferation of their politicians, emirates, scientists and ages in a resounding moral scandal.

From here we call for the preservation of the remaining effects of prophecy and warn the Wahhabi community that the continuation of the corrupt approach will not be tolerated and that we will step up the matter with the judicial and government authorities to preserve the effects of prophecy and companionship and not be under the jurisdiction of wanton elders and deviant scientists; And Hamdallah is the Lord of the two worlds.

ماجد ساوي

الموقع الزاوية








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