Call to God between stardom, fame, science and jurisprudence



Friday.. Rajab 1445 for Supervised Migration

Majid Saui



In recent decades, the nation has been plagued by people who claim to be preachers of God the Almighty - and the market of prayer to God the Almighty is a popular market in our time, especially among the Wahhabi sect - and who say the words of God the Almighty, and who preaches people in every forum, every place, every hour, every time and every moment.

They shall not exceed their words to be between the call for the unification of God Almighty and the rejection of the decoy and the expenses of worship to Allah other than God, or between the call for morality - the growth of parents and charity to wife, children and neighbor, and the maximization of the people of science, pearl, piety and adherence to the Prophetic Year - and the like things of Islam.

All of this is mixed with funny stories - as a joke that they continue and mean in a spell of subtraction, talk and talk - and in this they are no different from any famous TV star who addresses viewers to their facilitators and talks to them about what delights them, desires them and brings them closer to their help;

All this in a decadent manner is not different from the decline of the fallen people of art - not, of course, meaningful art - and they are another picture of the perverse science they hold, the false jurisprudence they preserve and the corrupt doctrine they know.

These people get glorification from the public and fame between the general and the demand of the people of the councils and the desire of adolescents and the pursuit of them from the owners of the corrupt biography; They see this as a natural outcome that they deserve and a fair order that they receive and a just thing that they are doing in its most precious and precious way.

Not only do they count themselves from the heads of society and from the owners of the Jehovah among the people and the people of the Sultanate among Muslims and the people of the Sultanate among the people; Above all, they confront each person ' Without knowledge, no jurisprudence, no pastoralism, no smear of strength.

Allah, who had the benefit of Haram's blood, shed their will, how much of the presentation was violated, how much was stolen, how much was lost because of them, how much was a boy and shot back with their fatwas. LaBless Allah is a sole and unrighteous man who does not proof their invitation to Him and prevents them. And Hamdallah is the Lord of the two worlds.

ماجد ساوي

الموقع الزاوية








نظام التعليقات والمشاركة في موقع الزاوية الادبي


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