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Thursday. 20 Rajab 1445 for Supervised Immigration

Majid Saui



As known by the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, he was born in Yemen in seven years prior to migration. The Prophet Muhammad realized that he did not see him and his tribe travelling to the Kufa in the beginning of the spread of Islam. He was one of the masters of his people. He had a great place and position in them. He began his appearance on the Islamic scene during the era of Osman Ben Afan.

Born in 633 to glorious birth, he died in 701 of the glorious birth by pilgrims Ben Youssef al-Thaqafi, a well-known tyrant of Bani Umayah, who was killed by evil killers and asked by Fathawarah Kamil to give himself up to the pilgrims and desist from his people and tribe.

Recounting the prayer known as Kemil Al-Ma 'ir Al-Muhammad Ali ibn Abi, who demanded prayers and peace from his companions. He was 69 years old and a pyramid.

From the words of the Sunni scholars in it:

Abu Hatem bin Habban al-Bisti: A very modern denier whose narrative is concealed and not invoked.

Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Jili: Trust from Shi'a chiefs.

Askalani Stone Son: Trust Throw Shea.

Mohammed bin Saad al-Waddy: Trust, little talk.

Mohammed bin Ammar al-Moussalli: Rejected, a trust of the owners of Ali, and once: from the Shia presidents, was a scourge of scourge.

Yahya Ben Moin: Trust

He said, "He was an honorable, abiding trust, little talk, murdered by the arguments."

From the words of Shia scholars in it:

The owner of the Encyclopedia said: "Kumail Rizwan Allah was a world proven in his religion... He was a shrewd worshipper whose lips do not fail to recite the Holy Koran and to mention the great God. "

The son of Daoud al-Hali said: "One of their characteristics is: The properties of Imamin Ali and Hassan (they have peace).

Hassan al-Delmi said: "He was a choice of his Shi 'a and his lovers."

"And he's one of his greatest owners," Ali Brogerdi said.

Al-Khoei said: "His Majesty Kumail and his competence in the Prince of the faithful (peace be upon him) are obvious that no doubt enter."

May Allah's mercy and satisfaction and peace be upon him on a day of birth, a day of martyrdom, a day of vivid prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. And Hamdallah is the Lord of the two worlds.

ماجد ساوي

الموقع الزاوية








نظام التعليقات والمشاركة في موقع الزاوية الادبي


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