My journey from poetry to writing to Islam, creed and jurisprudence



Thursday. 20 Rajab 1445 for Supervised Immigration

Majid Saui



When I departed - in the Eastern Region at King Fahd Petroleum and Minerals University for the purpose of studying - I started to come to Dayari Wahle and I turned myself up and I wrote poetry, and I had never written it; Here it was a beginning to learn about this unique and distinctive world.

I was participating in a lot of literary forums - in the period of the rise of forums at the beginning of the millennium - and published my poems in them, and whenever I published a poem, I was joyous and I barely had myself of pleasure; After years of publication in the forums, Maldi collected a poetry balance and founded my literary corner in which all my products were published.

Years ago, after I became saturated from the poetry world, I wrote articles, and I was publishing in the Danish newspaper Al-Talwar Al-Mutadi - an upscale newspaper of Iraqi expatriates - and they started a page where I published my opinions, thoughts, beliefs and what I see as useful and useful for the reader.

Years later, I committed and extended my beard and I kept praying and became closer to God and His Messenger; I discovered a different new world, the great world of Islam; He began to read in jurisprudence and doctrine and to follow the doctrinal and doctrinal theses of various denominations in order to know the right of Islam and accepted from Shari 'a and the survivor of worship.

now 45 years old; I hold a true belief in God Jehovah and in His Holy Messenger, and I have the scientific credit that survives the creation of God on the Day of Judgment; My most cherished Islam, Islam, was built not as extremist, not as eloquent, but as centrist, moderate, and most important, I became a committed Muslim, and I also continued to pray for the night or do as it is called.

Now I feel ready to die and I will not mourn my age as I am looking for religious truth and I won it and Hamdallah Gal and Ola, and I am not from any stray sect and I do not belong to any perverse Islamic party and I do not use my religion to reach any end other than paradise in the afterlife. And Hamdallah is the Lord of Allaanin.

ماجد ساوي

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