Israel and impunity; And the forthcoming war of annihilation



الخميس .. الخامس والعشرين من ربيع الثاني ١٤٤٥ للهجرة المشرفة

ماجد ساوي



We all know the magnitude of Israel's legal coverage in the international community and its unparalleled Western support. This leads us to difficult hypotheses in Israel's overall actions in the Arab region driven by American and Western support.

Because of Western legal protection -- for all its leaders, soldiers and generals, from prosecution on charges of war crimes, ethnic cleansing or genocide -- we will note that it may be triggered by such support for further crimes -- against humanity as international courts of justice call them -- and we can assume the worst things in this regard.

Israel's demography suffers from the growing number of Palestinians in the Bank and the Strip and is being defeated in the battle for demographic structure. As a result, it has resorted to the physical liquidation of Palestinians in large numbers as a solution to this challenge - the demographic challenge - and we are witnessing examples of this in its current war on the Gaza Strip.

Thus, demographic war scenarios are alarming and, after the end of the Gaza War and the calm of the bombing, we may see another chapter of this war in the West Bank in which Israel begins to carry out physical liquidation of Palestinians with a view to reducing the Palestinian population; It is not unlikely and can happen very soon.

The fascist, far-right Zionist War Administration, led by Arn Netanyahu, may truly rush into the genocide of the Palestinian people as long as it is internationally impunity and legally covered by the criminal Western world led by the United States of America; And Hamdallah is the Lord of the two worlds.

ماجد ساوي

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