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الخميس .. الخامس والعشرين من ربيع الثاني ١٤٤٥ للهجرة المشرفة

ماجد ساوي



I say that we are waiting a lot in the brutal Israeli war case against the small and densely populated Gaza Strip; where we have two large meetings; We, as Arab and Muslim peoples, view our leaders with confidence and support their peoples.

We have two big meetings; A meeting of the leaders of the Islamic world next Saturday; The meeting of the leaders of the Arab world, where the Saudi Minister of Investment, Khaled al-Falih, announced on Wednesday that the Kingdom would host two summits of Arab and Islamic countries in the coming days to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Reuters reported.

As Arab and Muslim peoples, we await many leaders of the Arab and Muslim worlds; We call first for pressure on international actors to stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza and secondly for the delivery of extensions and assistance to the people of the Gaza Strip.

I say to Arab and Muslim leaders that you have a great historical responsibility and tasks as we as peoples trust you and trust you in your ability to defend our people in Palestine; Many of you are waiting for God willing; And Hamdallah is the Lord of the two worlds.

ماجد ساوي

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