Israeli juggernaut; The besieged Gaza Expenditure



Thursday. Eighteenth Spring II 1445 for Supervised Migration

ماجد ساوي



The Israeli juggernaut reached a sum that his great-grandfather the juggernaut Pharaoh did not report for God's help - at least in the time of Pharaoh there was at least freedom of expression and something logical - so that the spending regime built by Palestinian movements for decades as a result of the Israeli blockade - Egypt became the target of the Israeli state.

Israel, which has besieged the small and densely populated Gaza Strip for refusing to recognize it and conclude a peace agreement with it for 17 years, has denied the introduction of food, fuel, medicine, construction raw materials and the necessary daily needs.

Palestinian spending was a fundamental solution to this problem, and Palestinian movements were escaping through this spending. In connection with the Egyptian territories, all the Gaza Strip needs in the battle for survival. The State of Israel does not want to conclude an agreement with the people of Gaza to lift the 17-year-old blockade. It wants to destroy this network of expenditure and deny the people of Gaza their right to normalcy, even though it is difficult and challenging to transport materials through expenditure.

Israel is a criminal who wants to annihilate the people of Gaza and leave them to face their fate, which she dreams of, and is their yard from the reel of their father or their displacement to the Egyptian Sinai; The reality of this fascist juggernaut reached by the Israeli occupying Power.

We have reached the point of no return; An Arab and Muslim camel that respects itself, its peoples and its religious, moral and humanitarian responsibilities must strive vigorously not to break the siege of Gaza and compel Israel's forces to reverse this crime against the people of Gaza; And Hamdallah is the Lord of the two worlds.

ماجد ساوي

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