The failed robber; The obsession with raising money from any source



الاربعاء .. السابع عشر من ربيع الثاني ١٤٤٥ للهجرة المشرفة

ماجد ساوي



I really pity this thief who is trying to steal something from my cell phone account and the theft is impossible because there is no balance in the account; The attempted robbery had thus failed miserably and the failed robber had made a bad attempt.

I don't know the story of those who are trying to make money by any legitimate or illegal means; What is this obsession with getting the amount of money that this man will spend in his forbidden pleasures to Rip; Mala will be a sanctuary who enters the bellies of his sons, daughters, wife and all the people of his home.

Have we lost the religious consciousness of this degree and come to think only about raising money - whatever its source - and what it will provide us with the benefits, pleasure, yes and advantages as we barely perform prayers and perhaps sleep from dawn prayers and not from Islam except his name.

Collectors of money or just a little halal so that your lives will be good and you will grow at the end of the night assuring that you are on the right path; And you end this crazy obsession with collecting it. Let you stay behind the Dirham and Dinar and be free in your Dignitaries, not slaves for your forbidden needs.

Ask God to preserve the funds of Muslims and Muslims and not to livelihood them except the halal livelihood. He is the guardian of that and he is capable of doing so.

ماجد ساوي

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اهلا وسهلا



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