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الاربعاء .. السابع عشر من ربيع الثاني ١٤٤٥ للهجرة المشرفة

ماجد ساوي



The Israeli occupying Power is beginning its land war against the Gaza Strip and is hoping to end once and for all the presence of Hamas and Qassam fighters from Gaza; Hamas forces receive Israel's ground attack with fire and iron.

Mr. Netyahu knows nothing about the reality of matters on the ground. He is the head of his right-wing fascist Government, which is engaging psychologically defeated Israeli soldiers because of the achievements of the 7th of October of Al-Qassam; He throws them into the death lava attended by Gaza's resistance factions.

The Israeli army, whose eighth ranking is worldwide, is defeated even before the beginning of the land war in Gaza; The United States Delta forces that support him will not succeed in raising their pre-collapsed spirits, going to divisive snipers and anti-shields.

Israel's land war will not succeed in achieving any of its objectives in a resilient Gaza; As the spokesman for the Qassam Brigades stated, Gaza would be a cemetery for them; commendation to God, his messengers and believers, but hypocrites do not know; And Hamdallah is the Lord of the two worlds.

ماجد ساوي

الموقع الزاوية



نظام التعليقات والمشاركة في موقع الزاوية الادبي


اهلا وسهلا



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